Dead by Daylight: A Binding of Kin (skin)
Dead by Daylight: A Binding of Kin (skin)
Dead by Daylight: A Binding of Kin (skin)


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IN THE DARKNESS OF THE SCANDINAVIAN NIGHTS, only the best protected cities dare to sleep with one hope…to resist the attacks of the hordes of Vikings, Orks and Cimmerians. The magical and fantastic creatures are not the only dangers. Behind the fortifications an increasingly dangerous arsenal of war machines is created in a unique aim: The destruction of the mystical citadels!

Vikings and the Cimmerians used to live in peace… until one fateful day taking advantage of the absence of his elder brother

Korin, Karon the Cimmerian propelled his kingdom into a bloody war against the Vikings.

Incarnate Barmalay, leader of the Vikings, in search of freedom. Then join Korin, the overthrown Cimmerian king, trying to restore

peace and reclaim his throne. Complete all three epic campaigns to finally bring peace back to the kingdom devastated by magical

creatures and fratricidal wars.

Much more action focused than the best-selling Stronghold™, BESIEGER focuses on action and strategy related to the state of siege.

With impressive graphics and a high level of detail seldom reached, Besieger brings Real Time Strategy to a new platform.

• Live intense moments, trying to penetrate the defences of your enemies, or feel the tremors of ramparts

at your own citadel under attack

• An innovative economic management system: build houses and they will automatically be populated

• 12 huge levels with splendid graphics, 40 types of different buildings, 20 models of units

• A detailed and realistic universe made up of animals and natural elements, with climate and day & night management

• Multiplayer on LAN and Internet; up to 16 players per server, and different original modes: Deathmatch, Capture the Flag,

Cooperation, Hold Artefact and Free for all


  • Platforms: PC
  • File size: 721.95 MB
  • Categories: Strategy, Real-time Strategy
  • Publisher: THQ Nordic GmbH
  • Release: 21st Apr 2004 18:00 (UTC+01:00)
  • DRM: DRM Free
  • Languages: English

System Requirements

  • Windows® 98/ME/2000/XP
  • DirectX® 9
  • 1GHz Processor
  • Graphic card: 32 Mb
  • Direct 3D compatible
  • MB Ram: 256