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WarBirds Dogfights 2019

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WarBirds Dogfights 2019

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WarBirds Dogfights 2019 is the Single Player, Hundreds of different Air to Air Combat Missions, version of the world famous Massively Multiplayer Online Simulation game of World War II flying and aerial combat, WarBirds Online.

The original WarBirds was launched in 1995. WarBirds has been continuously updated with new aircraft, new terrains, new features, improved flight models, better graphics every 6 months since launch. WarBirds Dogfights allows players to take advantage of the all the improvements, new aircraft, new terrains of WarBirds in hundreds of solo missions against a variety of WW II fighters and bombers! And both WarBirds Dogfights and WarBirds Online will continue to be upgraded constantly and all purchasers of WarBirds Dogfights get those upgrades FREE!

The WarBirds Dogfights, Single Player game, offers over 20 Air Combat Battle Spaces, with hundreds of missions in each Battle Space. These missions vary from 1v1 air combat, 8 v 8 battles, to the massive raids of the Battle of Britain! These Air Battles take place over 10 different historical terrains including Midway, Blitz – Battle of Britain, Europe, Philippines, and more!

No two of these Combat Actions are ever the same as the enemies are randomly generated in real time to make each battle a different challenge! WarBirds Dogfights can be played 1000s of times with no two air to air battles the same!

WarBirds Dogfights also contains a full training section with over 15 maneuvers to practice and train on!

WarBirds Dogfight pilots can choose one of three levels of pilot expertise: Rookie, Veteran, or the highly skilled Ace. In each air battle the player can score points, build rank, and acquire medals to compete for the coveted title of WGFP – Worlds’ Greatest Fighter Pilot!

Players who purchase WarBirds Dogfights 2019 on Steam also get a 30-day free trial in the aerial combat WarBirds 2019 MMOG where players can compete in air-to-air action against other real players in online combat and join online squadrons. They can go on raids with their squadron mates and participate in reenactments of many of the great air events of World War II. Online WarBirds can be found at

Players can fly with live personal trainers by logging into the online arenas of WarBirds on Tuesday and Thursday nights at 2100 EDT USA time, for FREE Training.

After the Player enjoys his 30-Day Free Trial, he can play for FREE forever with six early war aircraft! If players want access to all over 125 vehicles in WarBirds Online, they can purchase a day, week, month day pass or an online subscription.

WarBirds Dogfights brings all the excitement and challenge of World War II Combat Aviation in a realistic combat simulation. WarBirds Dogfight is not easy! It takes learning, practice, and combat to learn to survive and win!


Key Points:

  • Proven Track Record. This is the brand-new version of the World-Famous WarBirds Dogfights series of games that have sold over 1 million retail games and deemed the “top of the online flight-simming pyramid”1 and is a several time winner of “simulation of the year” awards.
  • Single-player Action Combat. The Player is thrown right into the action, with hundreds of different single player air to air missions, in multiple geographical terrains, different multiple mission types, and over 125 aircraft to fly and battle with. No looking for a battle for the player. WarBirds Dogfights brings the battle right to the player as soon as he takes off.
  • Complete Training Available. For new players, WarBirds provide short introductory training at game start in the Training Menu with over 15 training missions. And if the player wants a live instructor pilot to join him in his aircraft, he can come online for FREE any Tuesday or Thursday in the Training Arena at 2100 EDT USA time and get live training using the FREE Teamspeak voice over IP system online. A player not familiar with real flying can be brought up to speed as a real fighter pilot with just a few hours of instruction. The player will then spend many hours trying to be an Ace and will be continuously learning to be a better and better fighter pilot!
  • Multiple Skill Levels for Beginners to Experts. Enjoy WarBirds Dogfights as an arcade game or as a simulation. The arcade level is Rookie, which eliminates the spinning of aircraft, the blackouts and red outs, and gives the player big guns and a hardened aircraft with unlimited ammo. The player can move on to the Veteran level which has the settings, the ammo, the toughness of the online WarBirds game for a veteran flight sim player. In the Ace mode, the player had better be a great flier as any shots on his aircraft will bring him down. He has to out fly, out maneuver, and out shoot his enemies. Each level moves the player more and more to the ultimate simulation of real tank combat during World War II.

Mission Briefing Book

Historical Accuracy and Remarkable Detail. WarBirds Dogfights dedicates itself entirely to the same remarkable historical accuracy and attention to detail that has made the WarBirds series one of the most visually impressive war sims ever.
  • A Wealth of Options. Players can choose from countless online scenarios, modes.
  • and options that gives WarBirds Dogfights a stunningly deep playing experience. Pick from an array of WWII aircraft, each with its entirely unique combat characteristic and “personality,” making each game a new experience.
  • Online Play. Master the single player missions and training and you will be ready for the next step -- an awe-inspiring online community where upward of 200 players are battling. Play in the online arenas for Free for 30 days in the TotalSims community arenas, (and always FREE with early War aircraft), where hundreds of players recreate the actual missions of World War II on 24/7 combat missions. The TotalSims online community has consistently been rated one of the best and most helpful to beginners, providing a perfect environment for non-experienced and veteran players alike.
  • Platforms: PC
  • Categories: Action, MMO, Simulation
  • Publisher: iEntertainment Network Inc
  • Developer: iEntertainment Network Inc
  • Release: 13th Jan 2016 22:00 (UTC+01:00)
  • DRM: Steamworks (Requires a third-party download and account)
  • Languages: English

System Requirements

  • i3 or higher recommended.
  • 512 RAM or higher recommended for best play.
  • DirectX 10.0 compatible, or DirectX 9.1 compatible (recommended for best play) sound and video cards with Windows 7, 8, or 10.
  • Mouse and keyboard, Joystick is highly recommended.
  • Throttle and Rudder pedals are not necessary but recommended to enhance the overall
  • experience of the game. Several manufacturers make models of their flight control systems for the PC.
  • Video Card that supports DX 9 and DX 11 suggested for best graphic presentation.
  • Internet connection is necessary to take advantage of the online capabilities of the game.
  • Note: This product requires a third-party download and account


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