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Anno 2205™ - DLC 1 - Tundra

Blue Coins

DRM: Uplay


Mild Violence
Alcohol Reference



Anno 2205™ - DLC 1 - Tundra

Rating pending4.715

Anno 2205: Tundra allows you to discover a long forgotten region…the desolated Vanha Plains. In this land where nobody set foot for 100 years, you will gather new resources and complete specific quests to further improve your metropolises.

Challenges in the icy wastelands
In this new 82 000 acres territory, you will discover new gameplay tactics as you need to dry the marshes before settling in the area among the muskoxen and the icy environment.

All new production chains
Two new population types are also available, the Tundra Scientists and the Tundra Protectors. Five new production chains and ten new goods will challenge you to use your management skills effectively.

A space-wide module type
A new additional module type can also be unlocked by solving the sector quest and inquiring on the past generations failures. This module improves farms and factories in the Tundra sector, but also in all the others regions of the game.

A fly through the marches
Throughout the story quests and optional side quests you will control a futuristic flying vehicle to hover over the desert landscapes. Also ten new achievements will bring you even more additional challenge!

System Requirements

  • This product requires Anno 2205 Siege to play.
  • Note: This product requires a third-party download and account