Transport Giant Gold

Cannot Save the game

By orsloIII posted 14th May 2012

Every time I go to save the game it crashes
any ideas


By Psyringe posted 14th May 2012

If you have a newer operating system (Vista or Windows 7), and have installed the game to a protected directory (like "Program Files"), then perhaps the can't deal with UAC restrictions. You could try to uninstall the game, then reinstall it to an unprotected folder, like C:\Games . Also, some games don't like spaces in their folder paths, that might be another thing worth a shot.

By Andreakos posted 14th May 2012

Not sure if might help you, but give it a look.

By rcantora posted 14th May 2012

Go to folder where the game is installed (for example, "C:\Program files\Transport Giant Gold") and inside of it create a new folder called "save" (all lowercase). That should do it.

By Aloriel posted 11th Sep 2012

Thanks rcantora! You just solved my issue.

By slamfires posted 18th Oct 2013

Second that thanks Rcantora, solved my saving issue to.

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