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By stefan.ancuta posted 23rd Aug 2012

When can we get the serial to start and pre-load the game on steam?


By Reaper001 posted 23rd Aug 2012

Good question! Steam preloading started an hour ago and this store page shows preloading as an option! I also have an unused serial key sign on my game, but cannot click a button to receive the key. So gamersgate is giving the keys out midnight in uk?

By Jabbawocky posted 23rd Aug 2012

I've been wondering about this as well - I noticed the "unused serial key" notification about 2 hours ago - hopefully they'll give us the steam keys sooner rather than later...

By GloomyTangent posted 23rd Aug 2012

I also have the 'unused serial' tag next to the game. Hopefully nothing went wrong.

By stefan.ancuta posted 23rd Aug 2012

Steam started the pre-loading possibility. I want my serial :D

By Kurina posted 23rd Aug 2012

According to their Twitter, the keys for Dark Souls will be released tomorrow at some point. Their answer to another user can be found here on Twitter:


By Xendran posted 23rd Aug 2012

Wtf? If i preorder a game, i expect to get it at the advertised time, not half a day later.

By ODelirium posted 23rd Aug 2012

What? But the page says "Pre-load", how can we preload if the key is released on the release date?

By Xendran posted 23rd Aug 2012

If a preload is not available, gamersgate has some explaining to do, as they advertised a preload.

By stefan.ancuta posted 23rd Aug 2012

Well, now at least I know there won't be a pre-load...

By Kurina posted 23rd Aug 2012

Actually, Gamersgate does advertise it for release on the 24th, not the 23rd as other sites do. However, I am hoping this is simply a matter of time zone differences, and the game keys will appear when the product unlocks on Steam in 7 hours, in which it will be the 24th where Gamersgate.

As for pre-load though, that certainly does suck that one is not available.

By ODelirium posted 23rd Aug 2012

If the key is for Steam then they could at least give it to us so we can preload over there, I kind of assumed it would be that seeing as it requires Steam.

By lemmer posted 23rd Aug 2012

I'm not too worried about the lack of a preload, but I do hope that our keys will appear once the game unlocks on Steam in a few hours.

By Eera posted 23rd Aug 2012

GamersGate offers a preload feature on some titles which will allow you to download/access serial keys X hours before the games release. See http://www.gamersgate.com/info/pre-order-bonuses
The pay for Dark Souls PtD Edition does not specify how long of a pre load window they will be giving you, however generally you will be given access to these around 1-3 hours before the launch time. So for those in the UK, the game releases at midnight, the game should unlock for preload ~9PM - midnight on the 23rd.
Not the most ideal time frame but still, better than nothing.

By Xendran posted 23rd Aug 2012

Dark Souls: Prepare to Die Edition
Release: 24th Aug

from the pre order page on gamersgate.

By ED13 posted 23rd Aug 2012

2 hrs to go and no key >.< , even on teh store page it says "PRE-LOAD" so where is my key?

By ED13 posted 24th Aug 2012

1hr till unlock on Steam, so i guess we wont be preloading, im hope`n that we get our keys soon.

By skyl1ner posted 24th Aug 2012

guys, don't expect much from this site when it comes to pre's, yeah you get the 15% ign discount if you have it and blue coins, but their whole pre system is a joke

By Fortitude posted 24th Aug 2012

I dont expect getting my key early, I expect it once it hits release time.

By abbath posted 24th Aug 2012

Alright keys are out. How do we go about downloading?

By Anon052 posted 24th Aug 2012

You have to activate the key on steam, then you can download it.

By GloomyTangent posted 24th Aug 2012

Open steam, go to games -> activate a product on steam. Put your key in there. Begin preloading and wait for it to unlock. Mine's dling now!

By abbath posted 24th Aug 2012

thanks dudes

By Eera posted 24th Aug 2012

As I said earlier, the games from GamersGate generally let you preload between 1-3 hours before launch. Spot on 1hour to launch, keys are available :)
Enjoy all, I'm going to go and catch some shuteye while it downloads and get an hour or so in before work tomorrow D:

By ED13 posted 24th Aug 2012

Yay finally :D

By gamersgate posted 24th Aug 2012

Marked as solved!

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