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LIMBO Doesn't Working

By LoudeRZz posted 11th Apr 2013

Hey .. I'm playing COD MW3,ARMA,L4D2 and more "big" games but LIMBO just does'nt work .. im clicking on it when i want to play but than an error that asking me if i want to close or search some bugs [and it's not helping]


By kri145 posted 11th Apr 2013

Have you tried running it in windowed mode? It often helps with me.
Here is a link where you can check how to do so and other FAQ.

By LoudeRZz posted 11th Apr 2013

i love you <3 !!! i bought this game almost a year ago and it didn't work without reason .. finally i can try it !!!
you dont know how happy am i !!
thank you very very much !!!

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