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Mount & Blade

By ace3df posted 23rd May 2013

Have purchased Mount & Blade. Installed and activated but will not let me play says could not reset Direct3d device. Please help me figure this out. thank you


By Tzenchor posted 23rd May 2013

Be sure to have updated drivers for your video card, also try to install from microsoft the most recent version of directx

By Haardrade posted 23rd May 2013

From what I've looked around it looks like it's a problem regarding the intro videos. Try renaming/deleting the binkplay file in the mount and blade directory.

Other than that you may try updating your drivers like Tzenchor said. If nothing else works try tinkering with the options for M&B; one common troubleshooting option is changing the render setting from DX9 to DX7 although that's not the optimal solution obviously.

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