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By rwhelg posted 14th Aug 2010

I purchased Loki on GamersGate and installed it. When I run it the game asks if I want to install the patch. If I answer "yes", the next time I try to run it the game asks for a CD in the drive instead of the serial key. I had to reinstall it after doing this 3 times and used up all of my activations. How can the digital download version be patched to version


By cccino posted 14th Aug 2010

If you email they will reset your activations for you.

As for the patch, you will need to wait until a Gamersgate version is available - it sounds like the auto-update process is downloading the retail boxed version patch which will not be compatible (ie cd check).

Gamersgate games usually come pre-patched to the latest version... does it let you run the game without updating?

By rwhelg posted 14th Aug 2010

Thanks for your response. The game installs at version I can play the single player game, but not multiplayer which requires version There is a digital download patch to version on that works on the GamersGate version, but all the patches out there check for the CD.

By cccino posted 14th Aug 2010

I see. Unfortunately you might be out of luck until GG can put a patch up. I guess the game has only been added to the catalogue recently. If you contact them at the support email below they'll look into the issue, the only problem is how long it takes.

Meanwhile, I'm sure you already tried these but I found a patch that says "for DVD or download editions". Give it a go if you haven't already:

And the official patch "for all versions":

Sorry there's nothing more I can suggest. Feel free to mark as solved after you have heard back from GG support.

By rwhelg posted 15th Aug 2010

Thanks again. Unfortunately, the atomicgamer file was the same as the others I tried and again checked for the CD after I installed it. Luckily, I backed up the LOKI folder and am still able to get into the game with my last activation. I sent an email to GamersGate as you suggested and will probably have to wait until they provide a patch for the download version.

Once again, I appreciate your help.

By cccino posted 18th Aug 2010

Any news from GG support?

By rwhelg posted 23rd Aug 2010

Yes, they reset my activations and said that they will contact the game developer about the patch.

By cccino posted 24th Aug 2010

Thanks for the update. I hope it doesn't take too long!

By the way, can you please set the issue as solved as my involvement has ended. Cheers :)

By gamersgate posted 4th Sep 2010


By gamersgate posted 13th Sep 2010

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